Effective October 6, 2008 Joe Dundovic's entire stock of NORTRONICS magnetic tape heads

has been sold to and taken over by John French at JRF MAGNETIC SCIENCES. 

All head orders, inquiries and quote requests should be submitted to:



  249 Kennedy Road

  Greendale  NJ  07839USA



  TEL:  973-579-5773

  FAX:  973-579-6021


Joe Dundovic will be available, if required, for consultation regarding the choice and application of Nortronics heads on recording equipment.  However, all head sales will be made by JRF. This transfer of head stock was made with Joe's full confidence in the professional and technical capabilities of John French and his firm to satisfy the needs of owners of all types of magnetic recording gear. John's over thirty years experience with sales and application of Nortronics and other makes of heads makes him well qualified for the takeover.


Joe Dundovic <>








This MHC site was created by Joe Dundovic, one of the founders and a vice president of the NORTRONICS COMPANY, a major manufacturer of magnetic tape heads from 1956 to 1996.  Because of stock liquidation, Joe acquired a huge inventory of NORTRONICS tape heads which is now sitting on shelves at JRF MAGNETICS ready for immediate shipment. Whatever are your needs, for one head or many, contact John French via email at  <>.    He will be glad to consult with you and find an item you can use from his stock of over 56,000 heads suitable for use on magnetic tape and many other magnetic data applications.. All heads are fully guaranteed to function satisfactorily or they may be returned for replacement or full credit.

HEADS AVAILABLE: There are so many kinds we can only show basic information. No matter what head size or track configuration we probably have it. Please refer to the Head Outline Drawings and the Nortronics Guide (You will need Adobe® Reader® to view this file) to identify heads similar to the ones you wish to duplicate. To order, or for additional discussion and recommendations, email or call Joe Dundovic at the number provided at the bottom of this page.

To determine the heads you need download the following Head Outline Drawings: Outline 1 Outline 2


The Nortronics Guide pdf lists the following sections:

Tape Head Replacements for:

A. Reel-to-reel professional and semi-professional tape recorders.
B. Broadcast Cartridge Recorders.
C. Duplicators and Copiers.
D. Specialized; Aircraft, Echo Reverb., Motion Picture Sound
E. Part Number Cross Reference: Recorder or head manufacturer's part number to Nortronics No.
F. Head Specifications and Accessories


Erase, Record and Play types.
1, Mono, single-channel half-track, 80-mil track width.
2. Mono, single-channel 4-track, 43-mil track width.
3. Stereo 2-track, with two 80-mil tracks.
4. Stereo 4-track, with two 43-mil tracks.
5. Stereo 8-track with two 21-mil tracks.
6. Four channel 4-track with four 42-mil tracks.
7. Four channel 8-track with four 21-mil tracks.
8. Stereo & Mono "Combo" R/P heads with built-in erase heads.


1. Mono, single-channel half track with 57-mil track width.
2. Two-channel half-track with 57-mil track widths.
3. Stereo R/P heads
4. Four channel record and play heads.
5. One and two-channel erase heads.


1. "M" HEADS, 1/4-IN. CUBE
2. "L" HEADS, 5/16-in. CUBE.

WIDE TAPE FORMATS: Half-inch, One-inch and Two-inch, record, play, and erase heads.
There is a limited stock of heads in these categories:
4-channels on half-inch tape, 8 & 12-channels on 1-inch, and 16 & 24 channels on 2-inch tape. Call for specifics.


Transformers are available for 60-kHz to 150-kHz for recorders, and up to 1000-kHz for duplicators. These are high quality ferrite core transformers capable of handling considerable power for both erase heads and record heads.

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